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If you enjoy a visit to a west-end theatre by far the best way to get there is by coach. It beats the car for many reasons such as exorbitant parking fees, the traffic conditions, the London congestion charge and the inability of the driver to have an alcoholic drink.  It also beats the train. For one, it’s cheaper and two it’s not one train you have to catch it’s the underground as well so it’s quite a trek which is not so good in reverse at the end of the evening.  The coach will pick  you up at a spot near to you, and drop you in London as close as we can get to the Theatre.  After the show hop on the coach again for the journey home with no hassle.


Now we come to the theatre tickets themselves. Most of the tickets have the face value printed on them which can be up to 80% more expensive than you pay when you buy them from us. This means you will pay less for your ticket and travel to and from the theatre for less than the true ticket price itself.


The departure times for all theatre trips is – 4.45 pm Letchworth (Plinston Hall),  5 pm Hitchin Queen Street on the opposite side of the road to the market and 5.20 pm Stevenage outside Matalan, bus stop K. This is one of the few trips we have to omit Baldock as time is of the essence and we can’t fit it in.

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